Trust your New York ophthalmologists at Eye Care on 5th to use the newest and most safe and effective surgical techniques. Pterygium surgery involves the removal of abnormal tissue from the sclera and cornea of the eye. Modern pterygium techniques, perfected by the team at Eye Care on 5th, yield a significantly higher success rate than conventional surgery. In traditional “bare sclera” pterygium removal, the underlying white of the eye is left exposed. Healing occurs over 2-4 weeks with mild to moderate discomfort. This conventional “bare sclera” pterygium surgery is accompanied by a high rate of re-growth, and occasionally the pterygium grows back larger than its original size.

The modern procedures utilized at our New York City practice lessen the probability of pterygium recurrence. With careful and safe use of “antimetabolite” chemicals, or creating a conjunctival flap,  re-growth of abnormal tissue can be prevented.

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