Your Eyeglass Prescription By Eye Care on 5th

If your comprehensive eye exam shows that corrective lenses are needed, you will be provided with an eyeglass prescription for eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. We will determine your eyeglass prescription using the most precise and up-to-date phoropter while attentively taking into account your feedback as well as utilizing computer automated refractor and retinoscopic diagnostic technique. Your eyeglass prescription is a written order reflecting the value of all data that has been taken into account during your eye exam. Of course your eyeglass prescription by Eye Care on 5th (25 5th Ave, #1A) will always be specified to your unique needs. 

Did you know that opticians are not eye doctors, therefore they are not licensed to write an eyeglass prescription? A dispensing optician takes your prescription written by an Eye Care on 5th and orders and/or assembles your lenses and frames.

Call Eye Care on 5th at (917) 639 – 3459 with any questions about your prescription, or recommendations for eyeglass decisions.

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